Egg Packing Machine
9,000 eggs/hour capacity.
Integrated technology in a simple and compact packing machine.
CEP1000 presents a new way of packing system suitable for small-batch and variety-ranging production. The maximum capacity is 9,000 eggs/hour. A required amount is efficiently produced by a single operator, from supplying trays to collecting products. Cell Packer can process any containers including 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1-plastic packs, as well as 10 and 6-paper packs. (Automatic paper pack dispenser is optional). It is compact and simple but works with a variety of containers.


New performance of packing works

In order to send the eggs to the market in a perfect way as many as possible, we have to reform the packing system in a hygienic and reasonable way. NABEL CELL PACKER is a machine newly researched and developed under the concept of compact packing performance which can be handled by only oneoperator. The construction is simple and easy to change the preparation. CEP1000 is the system to satisfy our customer by its features of being compact, user friendly, time and cost saving.
  • Simple construction
    A simple construction which sucks eggs laterally and packs them longitudinally.
  • Compact
    Only a half size of former packing machine RTF370.
  • Gentle
    Handles each egg gently and puts them into the pack softly. It is designed to be a gentle machine.
  • Widely used
    No need to choose the trays, because this machine can handle various types of trays.
Layout Example
This layout is an example.


Code CEP1000
Capacity(Max.) 9,000 eggs/hour
Power capacity(Max.) 3-phase 200V 10A
1-phase 100V 20A
Original eggs trays can be used 30eggs plastic and paper trays
Productive eggs packs can be used Plastic pack  10P, 8P, 6P, 4P, 2P, 1P
Paper pack 10P, 6P(Paper pack denester is an option)
Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.