Automatic Crack Detector

World's best performance by acoustic technology
Fourier transform method was used in the crack detector for the first time in the world. It detects cracked eggs by analyzing tones and acoustics of sound when the eggs are tapped. Tappers tap each egg 16 times from different directions continuously, and detect cracked eggs by analyzing its sound. While the detection rate by image-sensing is about 60%, the detection rate dramatically improved to 95% by this technology, as an invisible crack can be detected by its sound. In spite of its large size and thick eggshell, the crack detector can detect cracks on duck eggs with the same accuracy as on chicken eggs. It removes cracked eggs and assists an essential process of producing century eggs.



Detector of cracked duck eggs

Removal of cracked duck eggs is necessary for producing century eggs. Experts have long performed the process manually. However, due to a higher cost of labor and shortage of successors, a demand for its automation has been growing recently. NABEL’s crack detector detects cracked eggs as human experts do by analyzing the sound of eggs when being rotated and tapped 16 times from different directions.

Egg size sensor

Egg size sensor is the newly added technology and the detection for even smaller eggs is now as accurate as ever.

Instant detection

Special 16 tappers tap all surfaces of each egg. A large amount of data is calculated instantly, and the signal to identify the crack egg is transferred.

Acoustic analysis

There is a sound when tapping eggs. Fourier transformation converts the sound to numerical data, and achieves the detection ratio 95%.

Easy care design

The handle can open the mechanical part. Easy cleaning and maintenance in a small space.

User-friendly design

The operation panel can be adjusted to your position, designed compactly and smartly.


Code ACD097 ACD067 ACD038
Capacity(Max.) 120,000 eggs/hour. 80,000 eggs/hour. 40,000 eggs/hour.
Power capacity(Max.) 1-phase 200V 3.8A 1-phase 200V 2.7A
Conveying rows 12 rows 6 rows
Working environment Ambient temerature: 0-40°C
Ambient humidity: 35% – 80%   *no condensation
※Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.