Automatic Dirt Detector

The world's best performance by high-speed image analysis.
The crystallization of NABEL's excellent computer technology.
6 photos are taken for each egg by 2 or 3 cameras.. Detect dirty eggs from the images by analyzing dimensions and colors of dirt.



Dirt detection

4 cameras are equipped for 6 rows machines (40,000 eggs/hour max.) and 8 cameras for 12 rows machines. (120,000 eggs/hour max.) In the detection process, 2 or 3 cameras take images 6 times per one egg. The camera is attached at certain angles to catch both ends of the egg. It detects dirt eggs by analyzing dimensions and colors of dirt from the taken image.

Detection levels

Detection levels can be changed according to different types of dirts and shell colors. The types of dirt are sorted into four different types: "yellow/brown dirt," "white/gray dirt," "black dirt," and "spotted dirt." Detection levels for each category are independetly adjustable.

Light and humidity monitoring

The systems is equipped with the monitoring function for light intensity and temperature rise to prevent computer failure. It alerts with the buzzer when it finds a problem.


Code ADD120 ADD612 ADD607
Capacity(Max.) 120,000 eggs/hour 80,000 eggs/hour 40,000 eggs/hour
Power capacity(Max.) 1-phase 200V 6.9A 1-phase 200V 4.3A
Working environment Ambient temperature:0℃ – 35℃
Ambient humidity:20% – 80%  ※no condensation
Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.