Hatching Egg Grader

For Breeders & Hatcheries
Direction aligning, Grading and Loading
After aligning the eggs in the same direction, they are graded into multiple grades by weight. Each egg is sucked up with a suction cup and softly loaded into the tray. Not only increasing work efficiency and labor-saving by the automation but also helping in managing and improving the quality, creating a new trend in the hatching egg industry.


Egg-friendly technology

Clean, accurate and soft handling is essential for the filling of special eggs such as hatching eggs and vaccine eggs. Setter tray filling machines are designed to be egg-friendly with Nabel's original suction cups to minimize the impact on the eggs when they are transferred.

Suitable for various trays

It can flexibly handle setter trays such as 6x6, 6x7 and 10x15 from major incubator manufacturers, as well as 30egg plastic and mould trays, enabling automation of setter filling operations that require human hand.

High accurate weighing and sorting

It has installed high accuracy scales for grading. By weighing the eggs, grades the hatching eggs and vaccine eggs by various sizes. The scale is waterproof and can be washed with water after attaching a cap to the weighing part.

Easy to use and read screen

Cross-keys on the PEP1100, mouse control on the PEP2000 Advance are available to check the user friendly screen showing the production status, status of the machine etc. The production info such as, daily processed volume, egg weight, size distribution data can be printed out on the special printer.

Various optional equipment

A variety of optional equipment can be connected and installed, such as an egg washer/dryer, UV steriliser and inspection equipment, allowing the system to be customised to meet your needs. This helps you to manage your hatching and vaccine eggs in a more ideal way.
Layout Example
This layout is an example.


Code PEP1100 PEP2000 Advance
Capacity(Max.) 11,000 eggs/hour 20,000 eggs/hour
Power capacity 3-phase 200V 30A 3-phase 200V 95A
Air volume(dry air) 50L/min. 100L/min.
Working environment Ambient temperature 0-45°C
Ambient humidity 20-90% *no condensation
Tray Setter trays at setter tray line
Pulp mold trays at tray line
Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.