EGG Candling Machine

For Breeders & Hatcheries
The world's first technology for mid-hatch egg testing. Has a detection accuracy over 99%.
The EVS series accurately distinguishes between eggs that stopped developing (rotten eggs), unfertile eggs and viable eggs by examining the heartbeat and fetal movements of developing hen eggs during incubation. The EVS series is the first in the world to be able to detect and remove rotten eggs, which have been difficult to detect with conventional machines from other manufacturers.


Capable of detecting and removing eggs that stopped developing (rotten eggs) and unfertile eggs.

Inspection accuracy of over 99%
Regardless the embryo day age, it can inspect/detect developing hen's egg after the 13th day. Also, without being affected by the layer\broiler chicken breed or eggshell color it has a detection accuracy of over 99% .
Detection of vital signs
By using a special light on the developing hen's egg during incubation, the transmission rate and the movement of the heartbeat and embryo within the egg (vital signs) can be detected and used to distinguish between viable eggs, eggs that stopped developing (rotten eggs) and unfertile eggs.

Real-time display of measurement results

The touchscreen allows you to check the result of the trays in real time.The number of viable (fertile), unfertile and aborted eggs in the tray is displayed in different colors, making it easy to visually and intuitively understand the status of the test. The number of viable, unfertile and aborted eggs can be collected and stored for each lot.

Hygienic structure

The design is based on the needs of actual inspection work and takes into account the ease of cleaning, such as washing with water. All stainless steel and waterproof, easy to clean and hygienic. The parts that come into contact with the hatching eggs can be removed for easy replacement, cleaning and disinfection.
Layout Example
This layout is an example.


Code EVS401 EVS402 EVS403
Capacity(Max.) 40,000 eggs/hour 46,000 eggs/hour 40,000 eggs/hour
Power capacity(Max.) 3-phase 200V 12A
Working environment Ambient temperature: 0℃ – 40℃
Ambient humidity: 20% – 90% *no condensation
Air volume 200L/min(ANR)
Sorting target Developing chicken eggs
Available egg trays 36 eggs (straight 6 x 6) Made by Jamesway, I.P.Co.,Ltd. 42 eggs (straight 7 x 6)
Made by Jamesway, I.P.Co.,Ltd.
150 eggs (straight 10 x 15)
Made by Petersime.
Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.