Tower System
Egg packing has become an independently operated process from washing and grading to improve effeciency.
Automatic stocker is introduced in the stock area which separates the packing process from washing and grading. These totally independent operations, otherwise run in a single flow process, allow the eggs to get ready to go into the market quickly without error.



Washer, dryer and grader

You can operate the washing, drying, and grading process without even knowing what kind of items to make.
Exclusively designed NAEGS trays are fed with size-graded eggs and stacked together in six/eight before they are placed in the tower.
Operation is easy and requires only a few workers without stopping the system.
Customers can choose between CANOPUS and ORACION depending on the capacity required.

Tower (automatic stocker)

Exclusive trays for the stock tower are designed such that the eggs do not come in contact with each other nor risk cracking.
The stacker crane smoothly and effeciently stocks the graded eggs.
The tower can be optionally installed with the cooling function.

Tray de-stacker

NAEGS trays stacked together in six/eight are grasped from the top and each tray is de-stacked one at a time. Eggs are given little physical impact in our original method.


Eggs on the trays are transferred on the packs. It is easy to set how many eggs should be fed in each container. The right production volume at the right time promises more effeciency.

High usability

  • Handles sudden large orders
    You can handle even unexpected large orders because the eggs, already washed and graded, are kept in the stock and always ready to go.
  • Fewer workers, less cost
    Only a few workers are needed as the washing and grading operations are independent from packing. Less labor cost can be expected.
  • Quick and accurate processing
    As the eggs are already in the stock, a process just involves transferring the eggs from trays to packs. Simple works prevent packing error.
  • Operational time referral
    Operations are set on the monitor at the beginning so the total process time can be referred easily.
  • Touchscreen operation
    Simply adjust the required volume and size settings on the monitor to start the packing process.